Knowledge Exchange 4 — Cultural Elevator

Join us on Tuesday, 20 February, at 18:00, on the Cultural Elevator.  

In the fourth edition of Knowledge Exchange, From the Citizens to Their City will host curator Jelena Pašić and artist Matija Kralj. Together they will present the Cultural Elevator, the project that took place in a residential building of Zagreb’s neighborhood Segečica, whose aim was to introduce contents of art and contents about art into the context of everyday life.  

This collaborative project was carried out from 2014 to 2016 in an elevator of a building in Sigečica, where every two weeks the authors placed a new edition of Cultural Elevator, a wall newspaper whose contents were being created by numerous people working in arts and culture, and which was designed by Petra Storić. In 2015, upon suggestion of Saša Šimpraga, the authors launched a sister project, in the elevator of Jelkovec Library which is located in Zagreb’s newest quarter, Novi Jelkovec. the sister project, called Cultural Elevator Jelkovec, was carried out in the same format, in collaboration with the library manager, Iva Klak Mršić.

In their presentation, the initiators of the Cultural Elevator will talk about the idea and the implementation of the project, as well as the possibilities of practicing art in a quite diverse community. They will also discuss topics such as art in the context of everyday life and the strategic positioning of artistic activities in relation to other everyday activities. Finally, they will describe the ways the project affected the dynamics of the residential community and discuss the potential of art to become one of the factors of social interaction.

Our intention in Knowledge Exchange is to encourage get-togethers and discussions in our space in Križanićeva 6a. Knowledge Exchange wants to create and maintain a continuity of these gatherings, with the aim of building and critically examining the community of Citizens’.