Knowledge Exchange 3, Memory in Literature, a Personal Approach

Ahmed Burić proposed by Željka Horvat Čeč

Knowledge Exchange 3, on the proposition of our collaborator Željka Horvat Čeč, will be held on Thursday, December 7, 2017, in Križanićeva 6a.  

Literature uses memory in different ways. Memories often serve writers as an inspiration, as a real-life template, as a motivation for their plots. Literature itself can be viewed as an archive of memories. Memoryis an important component of the raging times of war and serves as a way of recounting the trauma that affects the postwar areas. Memory is a topic that has been permeating literature for centuries; perhaps the most remembered is the moment in Proust’s Combray, when a madeleine cake triggers an avalanche of memories.

However, memory in the context of ex Yugoslavia is often related to the literature of exile. Specific spheres of memory are created in this domain, spheres with spatial and temporal distance. Many questions arise here, besides the questions about the function of memory in literature and the function of literature in written memories. Can we talk about the truth of memory, the truth in memory and the creation of truth/lies by memory? Whose truth is in the memory anyway? Does memory always take a personal approach?

The guest in public discussion Memory in Literature – A personal Approach, which will be held in Knowledge Exchange 3, is Ahmed Burić, a distinguished poet and novelist, an important author from our region. The discussion will be moderated by Željka Horvat Čeč, and apart from this talk about memories and the work of Ahmed Burić, we will present Burić’s novel that deals with the subject of memory, Tebi šega što se zovem Donald?.

Ahmed Burić is a poet, writer and translator born in Sarajevo in 1967. He wrote for different media across Europe and his works has been translated in German, English, Czech, Slovenian, French and Spanish. Burić published several poetry collections, The God of Transition (2004), The Last Tears of Oil and Blood (2010) Mother’s Tongue (2014 and Hipertenzija [Hypertension] (2017) and a novel entitled Tebi šega što se zovem Donald [You think it’s funny that my name is Donald] (2017). He also wrote a book of essays (newspaper columns) Od Ivana do Azize [From Ivan to Aziza]. Apart from being a writer, Burić is also a musician and he plays in a band called Kablovi. He lives in Sarajevo.