Knowledge exchange 6 — Presentation of the first issue of GSG magazine

GSG Magazine for Contemporary Art and Social Questions of the From the Citizens to Their City Initiative, will be presented on June 12, at 19:00 in Križanićeva 6a. The magazine will be issued twice a year, in spring and autumn. The first issue, dedicated to queer and feminist topics, was created from the contributions of the organizers of the Smoqua festival — the first regional queer and feminist festival held in Rijeka*. To continue the dialogue in-between the festival preparations we invited Lori, Pariter and the Center for Women’s studies to reflect on queer and feminism from their respective fields and interests.

The exhibition Queer Walk with photographs by Ana Opalić and text by Antonija Stojanović Almesberger will remain in the window of Križanićeva 6a after the presentation.

Love and Conservatism

In her text “Love and Conservatism: Reproductive Rights in Croatia“, Marinella Matejčić writes about the slow but persistent regression in the area of gender equality and reproductive rights, starting from the loosening of abortion laws in Yugoslavia and the full legalization of abortion up to 10 weeks of pregnancy in 1978 to the post-1991 calls for the total ban of abortion and the activities of the ultra right NGO sector.

All is Fair In Love and War

The interview with Ana Hoffner introduces us to the her recently published book “Queerness of Memory“ and the series of works presented during last year’s Smoqua, in exhibition “Exhausted Time: Drag in Times of War“. Ana deals in her work with non-normative identities that disrupt the canonical narrative of war and nation building projects. As an emigrant from Yugoslavia (now Republic of Serbia) to Austria, she looks at the intersection of the migrant queer identity from the East and how it is employed to normalize the “inclusive” West.

On… and Off

Brigita Miloš from the Centre for Women’s Studies Rijeka and her colleague Mónica Cano Abadía have written an experimental text were they investigate different authors who discuss gender and queer identities. Their entries on support, vulnerability, body habits, feminist anger, feminist joy, subtitled Sorority, Empowerment, Vulnerability, Engagement, Struggle, Networks, Friendship, Passion and Bodies “centrifugally” call our attention to many relevant feminist, queer and left-oriented thinkers.

Queer Walk

In her series of photographs, which do not reveal their true meaning right away, Ana Opalić has captured locations that are important for the past and present of LGBTIQ culture in Rijeka; the places of entertainment, places to meet partners, places important for promoting the visibility of the community and its political goals. Opalić’s photographs are documenting the project called ‘’Queer Walk’’, a research by LORI members that follows the path of Rijeka’s (in)visible LGBTIQ scene. You can find out more about that from Antonija Stojanović Almesberger’s description of the “Queer Walk”.

The editor of GSG Magazine is Iva Kovač, while Ana Tomić and Marino Krstačić-Furić are in charge for its design. The illustration on the cover of the magazine, GSG with the text in the outline, is the work of Rafaela Dražić. After GSG magazine becomes available in printed form, it will also be available online on

*Smoqua festival was launched in 2017 by LORI Association, in collaboration with Pariter, the Centre for Women Studies at the Rijeka Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and From the Citizens to Their City. The second edition of the festival took place in May 2018.