Knowledge Exchange 2 — With Lottery towards Egalitarianism!

Modest Proposal proposed by the collective Škart

Join us on September 16, 2017, at 7 PM, in café “Piramida”, at a presentation of a “modest proposal” that is organized by platform From Citizens to Their City.

  • A modest proposal offers radical solutions.
  • A modest proposal crosses boundaries to re-examine the foundations.
  • A modest proposal is a conversation about crucial things through a prism of ideas that reach beyond the usual frameworks of the possible and permissible.

A Modest Proposal was launched in 2011 in Belgrade in order to spark discussions about the proposals for improving the society, proposals that step outside and re-examine the traditional frameworks. The title is borrowed from Jonathan Swift and his satirical pamphlet called A Modest Proposal, where he suggests the poor to earn some money by selling their children into the meat market as food to the rich. The eight edition of A Modest Proposal, the first that takes place outside Belgrade, is organized as part of Knowledge Exchange, the program of Rijeka’s platform From the Citizens to Their City, at the suggestion of our collaborators, Škart art collective from Belgrade. State lottery of identities will be the topic.

Reduction of inequality and injustice through stronger regulations is obviously doomed to failure. As Marx said, the problem lies in the abstract citizen with a firm legal identity. However, the attempts of eliminating legal identities usually ended in violence and totalitarianism. The answer should therefore be sought in an exchange of legal identities. The road to a better society is paved with uncertainty. That’s why we suggest that the state, periodically and unannounced, by means of lottery changes the citizen’s personal identification numbers, including their assets, bank accounts, criminal records, etc. Perhaps in this draw you got away with no debts, but in the next one you could end up with Todorić’s debts. Only if everybody can be anybody, we will take care of each human. Let “put oneself in else’s shoes’ no longer be just a phrase: share your identity with others!

After a short introduction, which will provide some details about the proposal, all that will be left to do is to join the debate about its achievability, meaningfulness, dangers and benefits.

Škart collective was founded 27 years ago in Belgrade. It is mostly engaged in poetry and design and aims to collaborate with people in different ways.