GSG in the framework of Smoqua 3 Festival

Vlasta Delimar and Boryana Rossa

As part of the 3rd international festival of queer and feminist culture Smoqua* which takes place in Rijeka, from 23 to 25 May, art organization From the Citizens to Their City presents the performances by Vlasta Delimar and Boryana Rossa, artists who examine the concepts of ‘norm’, ‘normality’, ‘normativity’ – the themes of this year’s festival.

Thinking Community 2 — (Dis)appearing Communities

Thinking Community 2018, the event organized by GSG for the second year in a row, explores the topics of togetherness in specific contexts and the ways to empower togetherness by means of art, social engagement and activism. The event promotes art as an instrument of preservation and positive transformation of communities, encouraging the citizens’ and the youth’s active engagement; it draws attention to the importance of preserving community spaces and spreads the idea of citizen participation in general.

Knowledge exchange 6 — Presentation of the first issue of GSG magazine

GSG Magazine for Contemporary Art and Social Questions of the From the Citizens to Their City Initiative, will be presented on June 12, at 19:00 in Križanićeva 6a. The magazine will be issued twice a year, in spring and autumn. The first issue, dedicated to queer and feminist topics, was created from the contributions of the organizers of the Smoqua festival — the first regional queer and feminist festival held in Rijeka*. To continue the dialogue in-between the festival preparations we invited Lori, Pariter and the Center for Women’s studies to reflect on queer and feminism from their respective fields and interests.

GSG in the framework of Smoqua 2 Festival

n the scope of the second edition of queer and feminist festival Smoqua, launched by LORI Association in 2017, which this year takes place from May 17 to May 19 and deals with the topic “Pride and Prejudice”, GSG initiative is holding several events.

We are going to present the works of New York-based gender-queer artist Kris Grey and the Brazilian transdisciplinary artist Mavi Veloso, who is currently living in Holland, and learn more about their artistic-activist engagement in a talk with Zvonimir Dobrović, the director of Queer Zagreb. Our repertoire will also include the promotion of the first GSG publication that focuses on LGBTIQ and feminist issues, with textual and visual contributions of Smoqua’s collaborators. team will presents the game “Fierce Women”, which introduces players to women who have made an outstanding contribution to society.

An open call for community-based artworks

Invisible Barriers – Visible Shifts

From the Citizens to Their City announces an open call for production of artworks that will be carried out in collaboration with the community of Sušak neighborhood in Rijeka (see map, and the topic is Invisible Barriers – Visible Shifts.The selected works will be created in the period from April to November 2018, and they will be presented in November as part of the second edition of Think Community festival.