GSG in the framework of Smoqua 3 Festival

Vlasta Delimar and Boryana Rossa

As part of the 3rd international festival of queer and feminist culture Smoqua* which takes place in Rijeka, from 23 to 25 May, art organization From the Citizens to Their City presents the performances by Vlasta Delimar and Boryana Rossa, artists who examine the concepts of ‘norm’, ‘normality’, ‘normativity’ – the themes of this year’s festival.  

On Thursday, 23 May, from 15:00 to 18:00, right before the opening of Smoqua festival, Vlasta Delimar will do her performance The Right to an Orgasm at over 60 in the shop window of women’s clothing store FUTURA NOVA, at the address Ante Starčevića 5a (former Garibaldi).

Occupying the shop window as a place reserved for lifeless, silent mannequins as the bearers of the ideals of young and thin femininity, Delimar speaks out about things that many think to themselves, but never say out loud. The Right to an Orgasm at over 60 insists on breaking down the taboos imposed on women in the so-called third age, which is the age of the author herself. Bold and clear advocacy of sexuality as a human right and an existential element of our corporeality is a continuous aspect of Vlasta Delimar’s art. Delimar is the pioneer of performance art in Croatia, and has been promoting the body as the primary artistic medium since the 1970s. On the occasion of The Right to an Orgasm at over 60 in Rijeka, the artist will be wearing the clothes of FUTURA NOVA.

On Friday, 24 May, GSG@Smoqua3 will take place in Križanićeva 6a. At 17:00, Zvonimir Dobrović, art director of Queer Festival Zagreb, will be holding a talk with the Bulgarian artist Boryana Rossa about her engaged art practice.

At 18:00 Boryana Rossa will present her Deconstruction of VALIE EXPORT’S Tap and Touch Cinema while her work Madonna of the External Silicone Breast will be exhibited in one of the advertising spaces in Tito’s Square during the festival.  In Deconstruction of VALIE EXPORT’S Tap and Touch Cinema,Boryana Rossa offers a contemporary queer version of the well-known performance by VALIE EXPORT from 1968, where the artist invited the audience to touch her breasts, hidden in the box that covered the upper part of her body. Deconstruction of VALIE EXPORT’S Tap and Touch Cinema as well as Madonna of the External Silicone Breast are part of a larger thematic whole where Rossa, inspired by double mastectomy which she underwent in order to prevent cancer, records the changes in her physical and mental understanding of self. Instead of standard plastic reconstruction of the breasts, and instead of covering the fact she has no breasts, Rossa makes a political appeal for the acceptance of a different body not just as something that is possible, but also as something that is beautiful. Boryana Rossa is an interdisciplinary artist and curator engaging in electronic art, film, video, performance and photography.

The entire program of Smoqua 3 is available on the LORI website.