GSG in the framework of Smoqua 2 Festival

In the scope of the second edition of queer and feminist festival Smoqua, launched by LORI Association in 2017, which this year takes place from May 17 to May 19 and deals with the topic “Pride and Prejudice”, GSG initiative is holding several events.

We are going to present the works of New York-based gender-queer artist Kris Grey and the Brazilian transdisciplinary artist Mavi Veloso, who is currently living in Holland, and learn more about their artistic-activist engagement in a talk with Zvonimir Dobrović, the director of Queer Zagreb. Our repertoire will also include the promotion of the first GSG publication that focuses on LGBTIQ and feminist issues, with textual and visual contributions of Smoqua’s collaborators.

Kris Grey

This year’s Smoqua begins on the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, which will be marked by Kris Grey’s multimedia performance “Body Dialectics“. “Body Dialectics“, which will take place on May 17, at 20:00 in Filodrammatica, is a work-in-progress that speaks about the experience of gender transition. In this work, gender transition is presented as a laboratory for discovering binary gender as a social phenomenon rather than biological imperative. The artist says:

I find myself at odds with the social organization of the world and the systems of power that seek to control our bodies. Gender differentiation based on male/female binary touches all of our lives, resulting in inequality and human rights violations. It informs which bathrooms we use, what sports programs we are able to participate in, and what kind of employment we seek. ‘Acceptable’ gender categories are rooted in an inherited, existing binary, which is limited to either male or female. The dominant narrative of trans experience conforms to this false binary by insisting that ‘transition’ is about going from one static binary gender to another. My trans experience is not about conforming to a binary but rather about crafting a queer body with which to challenge the system.

Kris Grey

Kris Grey is a New York City based gender-queer artist whose cultural work includes curatorial projects, performance, writing, and studio production. Grey earned a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Maryland Institute College of Art and a Masters Degree in Fine Art from Ohio University. They perform, teach, and exhibit work internationally.


The talk with Mavi Veloso and Kris Grey on the topic of “Pride and Prejudice“ will take place on May 18, at 17:00 in Križanićeva 6a. The talk will be moderated by Zvonimir Dobrović, art director of Queer Zagreb Festival, which overlaps this year with Smoqua Festival where Kris Grey will also appear as a guest. Right before the talks, we will present the video material of “Project TRANS” by Mavi Veloso which was created during her research in Rijeka. The talk will be followed by Mavi’s performance.

Mavi Veloso

Mavi Veloso’s performance developing in the framework of “Project TRANS“ will be held on May 18, at 18:00 in Križanićeva 6a. “Project TRANS“ is an ongoing transdisciplinary research that crosses video, performance, photography, fashion, queer and drag queen culture. It is based on series of experiments and study actions made out of transits, walks through streets, appropriating and creating performative ambiences. It happens from observation of public space, its economic and social relations, contrasts and frictions of different cultures and the insertion of queer elements that may destabilize and question notions of normativity or normality, identity, gender and sexuality.

“Project TRANS“ was launched during residence program Jardim Equatorial / COMO clube in São Paulo, which lasted from 2012 to 2014. The performance that Mavi will present to the Rijeka audience is a continuation of the previous experience, which will be complemented with new materials that the artist will gather during the seven-day research in her performative dialogue with artist Antonio Kiselić in Rijeka’s public space.

Mavi Veloso is visual and performance artist, dancer, actress, singer and songwriter, graphic and web designer. She graduated in Visual Arts at State University of Londrina, Paraná, Brazil, continued studies in Performativity with COMO clube artist platform, São Paulo, did Post-master in Performance at A.PASS (Advanced Performance And Scenography Studies in, Brussels, Belgium, and currently doing Master of Voice at Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

GSG Magazine

GSG Magazine for Contemporary Art and Social Questions of the From the Citizens to Their City Initiative, will be presented on May 18, at 18:30 in Križanićeva 6a. The first issue of GSG magazine, dedicated to queer and feminist topics, was created based on contributions of Smoqua organizers. In her text “Love and Conservatism: Reproductive Rights in Croatia“, Marinella Matejčić writes about the slow but persistent regression in the area of gender equality and reproductive rights. The interview with Ana Hoffner introduces us to the her recently published book “Queerness of Memory“ and the series of works presented during last year’s Smoqua, in the exhibition “Exhausted Time: Drag in Times of War“. Brigita Miloš from the Centre for Women’s Studies Rijeka, with her colleague Mónica Cano Abadía, has prepared a glossary of feminist and LGBTIQ terms. In a series of photographs, which do not reveal their true meaning right away, Ana Opalić has captured locations that are important for the past and present of LGBTIQ culture in Rijeka; the places of entertainment, places to meet partners, places important for promoting the visibility of the community and its political goals. Opalić’s photographs are documenting the project called ‘’Queer Walk’’, a research by LORI members that follows the path of Rijeka’s (in)visible LGBTIQ scene. You can find out more about that from Antonija Stojanović Almesberger’s description of the walk. The editor of GSG Magazine is Iva Kovač, while Ana Tomić and Marino Krstačić-Furić are in charge for its design. After from being available in printed form, the magazine will also be available online on

Fierce Women team will presents the game “Fierce Women”, which introduces players to women who have made an outstanding contribution to society in culture, politics, science, human rights and art. Rijeka’s game ambassadors and fierce women: Brigita Miloš, Nikolina Deranja and Danijela Almesberger will open a short tournament in this card game and winners will receive awards.

The entrance is free for all events.