Thinking Community 1

From March 20 to March 28, Križanićeva 6a will be hosting public presentations, a panel discussion, film projections and two workshops, as part of the second public program presented by Rijeka’s platform From the Citizens to Their City. The program titled Thinking Community has stemmed from the idea of a new platform, called From the Citizens to Their City, whose objective is to encourage communication and interaction in a wider community, which will be carried out by offering community art programs, creating new projects and giving support to the existing initiatives in Rijeka and the region. The main event in this program is the visit by Pia Bartsch, Suvi-Sinikka Solkio and Martta Tuomaala, the three Finnish artists who collaborate with Kone Foundation, Finland-based organization that supports social and art practices and the so-called community art. Thanks to Kone Foundation, Finland has made significant achievements in this field, such as the organizing of the Triennial of the Community Arts, employment of artists as regional advisors and the promotion of new forms of standardization, financing, presentation and consideration of such practices in the world of art and among the general public.

The students of the Rijeka Academy of Applied Arts and the students of Pedagogy, Cultural Studies and Art History of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences will have the opportunity to participate in the workshop led by Pia Bartsch and Martta Tuomaala. The workshop will be held at Križanićeva 6a, on March 20 and 21, with the help of pedagogue Natali Bosić, art historian Ivana Golob Mihić and independent curator and art historian Ivana Meštrov. While this is a limited-access workshop, the presentations and lectures of Pia Bartsch, Martta Tuomaala (March 20) and Ivana Meštrov (March 21) are open for public. On March 21 the visitors will be able to see an experimental film by Althea Thauberger, called Take Over Benčić, which was made in collaboration with seventy children from Rijeka. The occasion will also include a talk with the leaders of Benčić Youth Council, the project that actually originated from this idea. Partly a documentary, partly a fiction, the film follows the activities and observations of the children during six weeks of their occupation of H and T buildings of the former factory Rikard Benčić.

On March 22, the visitors of the spaces at Križanićeva 6a will get the chance to see a presentation of numerous projects from Rijeka and the region. These include educational, theatre and literary projects, as well as visual arts projects, such as: HNK Fifth Ensemble, Benčić Youth Council, Stribor — From Youth to Youth, Forum Theatre, Književnost uživo, Kortil Live, Park|i|g|ralište, Multisensory Garden of Podmurvice Student Dormitory, Writer and Citizen, Kastav Cultural Summer — Courtyard Rhythm, Cultural HUB Drenova and Food, Not Bombs. These are the projects which, although they rarely define themselves as community arts projects, are very active in our city and they work in close contact with the community. The day’s program will end with a gathering in the evening, with a snack organized by the project Food, Not Bombs.

On March 23 there will be another workshop, titled Is this art and does it matter? The workshop is open for public, and it will be led by Pia Bartsch, Suvi-Sinikka Solkio and Martta Tuomaala. In the evening, the visitors of Križanićeva 6a will have the opportunity to see a film by Zoran Krema Teatar Chaplin – a four-act tragicomedy about a group of young Roma people who, led by Naser Sokoli, decided to found the first amateur Roma theater in Europe.

The central event, an open discussion titled Thinking Community, will take place on March 24. Pia Bartsch, Suvi-Sinikka Solkio and Martta Tuomaala will tell us more about Finland’s Kone Foundation and the Triennial of the Community Arts, while Andreja Kulunčić will present a segment of her artistic practice, realized in collaboration with different communities and dedicated to current social issues. The after-party will be held at 10 pm, at KUD Roma, with a concert of Pehlin Kings.

The program Thinking Community ends on March 28, when Shawn Van Sluys will be presenting the project ArtsEverywhere by the Canadian Musagetes Foundation. Musagetes has already made a big impact on Rijeka’s art scene, and will continue to do so, by giving further support to the platform From the Citizens to Their City. The newly-established platform, From the Citizens to Their City, will be presented at the end of the day, along with the results of the aforementioned student workshops.