Thinking Community 2 — (Dis)appearing Communities

Thinking Community 2018, the event organized by GSG for the second year in a row, explores the topics of togetherness in specific contexts and the ways to empower togetherness by means of art, social engagement and activism. The event promotes art as an instrument of preservation and positive transformation of communities, encouraging the citizens’ and the youth’s active engagement; it draws attention to the importance of preserving community spaces and spreads the idea of citizen participation in general.

An open call for community-based artworks

Invisible Barriers – Visible Shifts

From the Citizens to Their City announces an open call for production of artworks that will be carried out in collaboration with the community of Sušak neighborhood in Rijeka (see map, and the topic is Invisible Barriers – Visible Shifts.The selected works will be created in the period from April to November 2018, and they will be presented in November as part of the second edition of Think Community festival.

Thinking Community 1

From March 20 to March 28, Križanićeva 6a will be hosting public presentations, a panel discussion, film projections and two workshops, as part of the second public program presented by Rijeka’s platform From the Citizens to Their City. The program titled Thinking Community has stemmed from the idea of a new platform, called From the Citizens to Their City, whose objective is to encourage communication and interaction in a wider community, which will be carried out by offering community art programs, creating new projects and giving support to the existing initiatives in Rijeka and the region.